Alexis grew up in Roswell and was raised by her grandparents. It was through their hard work and sacrifice that Alexis learned about New Mexican family values, which she has carried with her throughout her life. Martinez-Johnson’s career has been focused on ensuring high environmental standards in the Permian Basin while making sure energy was produced and jobs were kept so that New Mexico can thrive. Alexis knows how to protect our environment, while also ensuring that we protect our economy.

Alexis traces her ancestry back to Otis, in Eddy County. Her grandfather was a career man at the Parks and Recreation Department in Roswell, while her grandmother retired later in her career as custodial staff. It was by their example and these humble beginnings that Alexis was able to achieve the American Dream, and is working hard so that all of New Mexico can achieve the same.

She lives with her husband, Christopher, and their four children in Santa Fe. For Alexis, New Mexico is more than a place. It’s been her home for her entire life, and she’s committed to making New Mexico one of the best states to do business and raise a family.