Border Safety

Alexis Martinez Johnson is proud of her Hispanic heritage. She believes the humane, moral action is to secure the border. To do anything less is to continue the horrible physical, psychological, and sexual abuse of those attempting to enter the United
States, and empower the violent, organized criminals victimizing them and our communities. Our communities in New Mexico have been and continue to be ravaged by illicit drug supply and use which has decimated the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of generations of New Mexicans.

The United States should reform our broken and arbitrary immigration system to give everyone who wishes to become an American the opportunity to do so. But the policies that are in place have made the border a dangerous area where children are at peril and the safety and health of humanity is at stake. We can do a better job and the time is now! We cannot continually allow cartels to dictate how and who gets into the United States and at what cost!